What is MSHPM?

  • The Michigan Society for Healthcare Planning and Marketing (MSHPM) is a membership group for professionals and students who work or are interested in healthcare planning, marketing, communications or public relations.
  • MSHPM is the local affiliate of the American Hospital Association’s (www.aha.org) Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (www.shsmd.org)
  • MSHPM has existed as a member society since 1983 and was founded by 5 members working in the field.
  • For questions or more information about MSHPM, please contact mshpm2@gmail.com.

Our Mission Statement

MSHPM’s mission is to provide high quality educational opportunities and professional development opportunities for healthcare planning and marketing professionals and serve as a resource for other healthcare professionals throughout the state of Michigan. MSHPM is committed to add value to its members by providing resources, experiences and connections to improve your professional and networking goals.

MSHPM's Current Executive Officers

megan yore mshpm president
President 2020 Megan Yore Chief Communications Officer and Director of Marketing for Spectrum Health Lakeland
Vice President 2020 Jennifer Dale Chief Development Officer, The Center for Neurological Studies (CNS)
Treasurer 2020 Bogdan Costan Planning Specialist, Beaumont Health
Secretary 2020 Larry Daly Director of Planning and Business Development

MSHPM Committees 2019

  • Audit and Finance - Megan Yore, Chairperson
  • Bylaws - Hannah Zaskiewicz, Chairperson
  • Communications and Membership - Leslie Ahmad and Katy Velten, Co-Chairpersons
  • MSHPM Programs - Jennifer Dale, Chairperson
  • Student Activities - Jessica Springer, Chairperson
  • Sponsorships - Larry Daly, Chairperson

Board Members at Large 2019

  • Holly Sullivan - SHSMD Liaison
  • Nancy List
  • Elle Holes
  • Amanda Brackel-Willbee
  • Clark Ramsey